Chianina is an American steakhouse with a philosophy rooted in Italian tradition, drawing its inspiration from the eponymous breed of cattle. This ancient breed has been raised in Central Italy—for food and for work—dating back some 2200 years.

Here, you can choose from a wide range of cuts, including porterhouse and New York strip, which are butchered in-house from certified Piedmontese beef. And whenever possible we follow a farm-to-table philosophy by purchasing locally sourced ingredients.

Piedmontese beef is renowned for its high quality and superior nutritional value and we've partnered with a prominent rancher that shares our high standards, raising the cattle humanely at Utah ranch.

Following strict guidelines that ensure our beef is certified, the cattle are fed an all-natural vegetarian diet, beginning with grass on open range land, all the way through to a high quality grain-based finishing feed. The feed supply is strictly controlled to ensure that not even the smallest amounts of animal by-products are used. The cattle are also steroid, hormone, and antibiotic-free.

Like our menu, our decor juxtaposes the new with the old. The colors and hues are informed by the varying coloration of the Chianina breed (shades of grey and white) then refined with the warmth and richness of the traditional steakhouse.

Everything we do is motivated by a single goal: To provide a dining experience that exceeds your every expectation.


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